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Bend it Like Yogi

Press Release


DATE: 22nd JUNE 2019
TIME- 8:30 am to 9:30 am

The staff, students and parents of GGIS ATHA – Pimpri, Chinchwad, Rahatani and Bavdhan celebrated Yoga Day on 22nd June’2019 with loads of learning, fun and activities.

At GGIS ATHA Rahatani, the session was conducted Ms. Amita and Mr. Vikas Shrotri. Ms Amita is degree holder in Yog Shikshika from Yog Vidya Dham. She is also a yoga and rope mallakhamb trainer for children and has secured 1st place in state level yoga competition many times from 2003-2006. Mr. Shrotri is National Level Gold Medalist in pole mallakhamb and has won many prizes in state level championship. He also runs training for children in pole mallakhamb and yoga.
He initiated the session by different hasta mudras and explained their advantages to our body. Further, he conducted different yogasanas and concluded the session with pranayama. Parents enjoyed the session and also discussed some of the queries related to yoga with Mr, Shrotri.
At GGIS Bavdhan the session was conducted by Ms. Manisha Agrawal who has been practicing yoga since 1991, holds a certification from Iyengar Institute and is a Yoga practitioner by profession. The session started off with Ms. Manisha addressing the audience about The Importance Of Yoga Is In Our Life and why everybody should do yoga even if it is for 10 minutes. The parents performed Asanas like Balasana, Anjaneyasana, followed by meditation, pranayam. The session ended with Savasana.
At GGIS ATHA Chinchwad, the session was conducted by Dr. Kranti Gadgil Bhide, an experienced physiotherapist and yoga trainer. Dr. Gadgil, took up some warm-up exercises before demonstrating Suryanamaskar. She also demonstrated some variations in Suryanamaskar for those have health issues like backache, stiff knees and diabetes. Later she mentioned that practicing Pranayam on daily basis will help to control stress and that Vrikshasan is not an appropriate Asana to be practised by a child.
AT GGIS ATHA Pimpri, the session was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Jadhav who is a trained physical education instructor. During the session, while practising the asanas, Ms. Jadhav threw light on the importance and benefits of each Aasna separately for parent and child. Members of Manshakti Foundation, addressed the parents of toddlers about the importance of yoga in developing a strong brain and personality.
“The sessions were organised by the school so that each parent could not only experience but also understand the importance of Yoga in everyday life. Staying fit is an extremely important part of early childhood and Yoga is one of the most effective ways that help each child develop into a well-rounded individual”, stated Ms. Sonu Gupta, Chief Mentor, GGIS ATHA.

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