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Benefits of summer camp for children

Come summer, every child looks forward to joining a summer camp. While parents are usually enthusiastic about it, some may wonder what exactly are their children gaining out of a few days of fun activities. Most of the camps charge fees and the parents have every right to question what their children will gain from attending these summer camps.

Dear parents, a summer camp is not just some simple fun activities designed to keep your children busy. It is, in fact, extremely beneficial for them. It offers a structured opportunity for your children to learn things while having fun. They learn new skills, make new friends and get an opportunity to improve their confidence.

Let us list out, for you, a few benefits every child is likely to gain from a summer camp:

  1. It helps to build unique interests in your children.
  2. It helps children in reinventing themselves.
  3. It helps children to go out of their comfort zone to learn new skills.
  4. It teaches children team spirit and bonding.
  5. The physical activities and mental stimulation help in your children’s overall growth.
  6. Children learn to be independent.
  7. It encourages creativity minus judgement of any sort.
  8. It builds resilience.
  9. It teaches gratitude and appreciation for all.
  10. It keeps the children busy in a constructive way.

In short, all these put together help your children grow up to be level-headed human beings. The memories they make, the skills they learn, help them cope with life in a much better way as adults

Like every year, we, at GG International School, have organized summer camps for children of different age groups. Here are the activities we have planned for them.

We are eagerly waiting to enjoy those few days thoroughly along with the children.

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