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Monsoon healthcare for your child

Monsoon is here! The rains have started to bring a welcome respite from the heat that had left us parched. While the rain has brought much-awaited relief, it has also brought along with it weather that impacts immunity in children. They become susceptible to several airborne and waterborne diseases like common cold, viral fever, stomach disorder et...
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Benefits of summer camp for children

Come summer, every child looks forward to joining a summer camp. While parents are usually enthusiastic about it, some may wonder what exactly are their children gaining out of a few days of fun activities. Most of the camps charge fees and the parents have every right to question what their children will gain from attending these summer camps. Dea...
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Importance of physical education

“Mens sana in corpore sano”…goes the Latin phrase, which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” We are all aware how important it is to remain physically fit to ensure our overall wellbeing. The earlier we start to take care of our body, the better it is. Here is where physical education (PE) comes into picture. It provides the passport ...
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Ringing in 2021

Come winter, we all look forward towards celebrating the festive season that starts with Christmas and ends with welcoming the New Year. We wait for social gatherings and celebrations with families and friends. People staying overseas come home during the holidays. This is the time to meet everyone and ring in the New Year with fun and frolic. No w...
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We are NABET accredited

Dear Parents and our invaluable Stakeholders, Greetings from GGIS! GG International School takes immense pride in having accomplished two important milestones in its progressive journey to provide excellence in education. Our institution has been accredited with a NABET(National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) certificate – one of t...
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Safest carnival is here

The Safest Carnival for Children is here! Hola Dear Parents! It's the time of the year again to celebrate and make memories. For the past 2 years the Covid-19 virus has dampened our spirits and limited us to our homes. Our school playground is dying to meet the little ones hence we have planned a Grand Kids Carnival this December - GGIS Wonderland ...
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10 Fun Ways to Bid Goodbye to 2021

The festive season is here. It’s time to bid adieu to 2021. It’s also time to have fun together as families and welcome the new. Parents start wondering what they can do to make the celebrations unique for their children. We thought of coming up with a few suggestions for them. We hope these ideas will make your year-end celebrations extra special....
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Guruvarya Awards Ceremony

5TH ANNUAL GURUVARYA AWARDS 2021-22 On 05th Feburary’2022, the premises of GG International School, Pimpri branch scintillated with presence of eminent personalities, distinguished speakers, experienced educators .The energy could be seen on the faces of all, right from the beginning. The ceremony coincided with the blessed occasion of Basant Panch...
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Building children's immunity against Covid-19

With winter approaching and the mercury dipping, experts suggest that our surroundings are now perfect for a rise in Covid-19 attacks. The low temperatures would facilitate the virus to thrive and cause havoc. Since vaccines are yet to come out, the only way to take care of yourselves and your children is by building strong immunity. The medical fr...
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Fun with Learning: The New Normal for Child Development

The current pandemic has brought in huge changes in the mode of education and learning. Schools have been compelled to go online and children are missing the very environment that motivates them to learn. It is difficult for children to focus on their classes from home. Children, especially the pre-schoolers, often relate home to playing, and schoo...
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Raising children is no easy task. While it is interesting to talk to them, delve into their thoughts and see the world from their perspective, it is pretty difficult to find the right words and phrases to communicate with them. There are situations, which are challenging and overwhelming. We tend to lose control ourselves. However, it is imperative...
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The current pandemic has brought the schools home for all the students. Whether a child is a preschooler or in high school, he/she is attending school from home these days. Since home is not the usual setting, children are not used to these e-learning sessions, it is a bit challenging for them to stay motivated for long. Whether they are attending ...
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This pandemic has surely turned our world upside down. Our routines have gone haywire and all our plans have been put on hold; forcing us to be stuck within the four walls of our homes. The uncertainty and the anxiety playing on the adult minds has adversely affected the children too. In the past few months, there have been several incidents of pre...
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It’s time we gave them wings

It’s time we gave them wings… - Authored by Sonu Gupta, Chief Mentor, GG Int. School As parents, teachers and educators, we often tend to let our fears reign over us which results in making us either too cautious or overprotective. Our job as parents and educators is to not only to protect them but also to prepare them, encourage them and guide the...
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Talk, Connect, Bond - your child can be your friend

Authored by Sonu Arun Gupta, Managing Director, GG International School As an educator and mother I have often been bombarded with queries by anxious parents, mostly complaining about the communication gap they experience with their child/children. Work, travel, home, social obligations I know eat up most of our time, therefore I believe as millenn...
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We are Indians, firstly and lastly

The morning of 71st Republic Day of our motherland India, made the atmosphere of GG International School vibrant, happy and auspicious. The students, parents and staff of the school gathered together to celebrate their rights and responsibilities towards their nation. The ceremony began by remembering the father of the nation, Mahatama Gandhi as th...
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GGIS Atha brings together varied hues of Indian culture

GG International School Press Release GGIS Atha brings together varied hues of Indian culture 4th December’2019 Pre Primary Annual Day The dawn of 4th December’2019 had a different feel , as the ambience of Ramakrishna More Sabagriha, Chinchwad scintillated with colours, fervour and excitement as the tiny tots of GGIS Atha: - the pre school wing of...
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Career Connect 2019

CAREER CONNECT 2019 THE SMARTEST WAY TO MAKING DECISIONS VENUE: GG International School, Pimpri Time: 10 am onwards Date: 23rd November’2019 We have often heard that it is the choices we make that define our lives. The choice of career being one of the trickiest and the most challenging ones for both parents and students, to lend a helping hand, GG...
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Parenting Session On Inculcating The Right Eating Habits In a Child

GG International School Press Release Parenting Session On Inculcating The Right Eating Habits In a Child Date: 31 st August 2019 Venue: Assembly Hall, GG International School Audience: Parents Of Primary School Children Speaker: Ms. Sonu Gupta, Chief Mentor, GG International School, Leading Educator, Certified Nutritionist, Managing Trustee Goel G...
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Ganesh Idol Making Workshop

GGIS ATHA PRESCHOOL WING – GG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PIMPRI, CHINCHWAD, RAHATANI & BAVDHAN Ganesh Idol Making Workshop My Friend Ganesha: Eco-Friendly Date: 17.8.19 On 17th August 2019, the staff, students and management welcomed parents along with their tiny tots for a fun learning experience that made urged them to go Eco-Friendly this Ganesha Chat...
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