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Building children's immunity against Covid-19

With winter approaching and the mercury dipping, experts suggest that our surroundings are now perfect for a rise in Covid-19 attacks. The low temperatures would facilitate the virus to thrive and cause havoc. Since vaccines are yet to come out, the only way to take care of yourselves and your children is by building strong immunity.

The medical fraternity is continuously cautioning the parents and advising them to strengthen the immunity system of their children. As we all are aware, food and nutrition play a very important role in this regard. Certain micro-nutrients can bring additional benefits for your children’s health.

Let us see what you can do to make your child’s immunity stronger.

  1. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Large batches of stews and soups, freshly cut salads, fresh fruits would ensure that they receive the essential minerals and micro-nutrients. Include fruits and vegetables of all colours so that your children get all the essential vitamins. Do not forget to include citrus fruits, food items like whole grains etc., which are rich in zinc, in diet. These would provide protection against viral attacks.
  2. Serve freshly cooked food at home to your children, as that would be nutritious and hygienic. This would reduce the chances of stomach infection too.
  3. Include milk and milk-based food items like curd in meals to maintain good health. Food fortified with vitamin D are useful in boosting immunity too.
  4. Keep your children away from processed, artificially-preserved or coloured food items as much as possible. These have high quantities of saturated fat, sugar and salt, which should be consumed in moderation.
  5. Do not serve sugary drinks to your children. Serve them lime water with herbs like mint or parsley instead.
  6. Make sure your children consume enough liquids throughout the day. Unsweetened milk, fresh fruit juices, coconut water and plain water are the best options.
  7. Make your children follow a particular routine for meals. Do not allow them to eat while watching the television or mobile phone. Having healthy family time is important.
  8. Keep your children away from stress and worries. A healthy mind helps in keeping the body healthy.

It’s time to take some extra care in boosting immunity to combat the deadly virus. Apart from the necessary precautions to be taken, take the actions mentioned above to prepare your children to fight against Covid-19.

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