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10 Fun Ways to Bid Goodbye to 2021

The festive season is here. It’s time to bid adieu to 2021. It’s also time to have fun together as families and welcome the new. Parents start wondering what they can do to make the celebrations unique for their children. We thought of coming up with a few suggestions for them. We hope these ideas will make your year-end celebrations extra special.

  1. Keep Countdown Bags:
    Make the countdown super fun by creating bags to be opened each hour. You may start in the evening, say at 8, and plan it in such a way that the last bag gets opened at midnight. Take simple paper bags and keep little goodies in them. Mark the hour when the bag shall be opened. Fill the bags up with stuff that allow the children to be remain engaged in creative activities.
  2. Make Family Resolutions:
    Sit together and make resolutions as a family. For example, you may decide to spend more time together outdoors in the coming year or create a family scrap book. Let the ideas flow in. Enjoy evaluating each and coming up with a resolution that every member of the family agrees to.
  3. Make Thank You Notes:
    Look back at the year you are all going to bid goodbye to and think of all the moments you are thankful for. Prepare a “Thank You” note for the year gone by. You may also choose to thank all the people whose contributions helped you sail through the year smoothly.
  4. Organize Sparkly Treats:
    Children love to eat sparkly stuff. Make sure there are sparkly cupcakes or Jell-O treats to make the celebration extra special for them.
  5. Create Family Vision Boards:
    This is a great fun activity. Take a chalkboard and encourage your children to be creative in decorating it. Write down the vision of your family together. Display it at a place that helps all of you look at it and remind yourselves of your vision.
  6. Make Party Hats and Noise-makers:
    No New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without fun hats and noise-makers. It’s more fun to create those together as a family.
  7. Plan a Balloon Drop:
    All you need is balloons, a tablecloth or plastic sheet, tapes to secure the sheet to the ceiling and hanging ribbons to pull them down. It’s just a few minutes’ effort. Do it early in the day to keep the anticipation building.
  8. Have a Dance Party:
    Parties are incomplete without shaking a leg or two. Create a playlist that includes everyone’s favourite tracks. Set the mood by keeping the lights low. You may even keep a contest with a bar of chocolate as prize.
  9. Organize Virtual Games with Friends:
    Search games online so that your children can play those with their friends virtually.
  10. “Favourites” Night:
    Keep the theme of the night as “Favourites”. Cook a meal that includes favourite family recipes, don your favourite outfits and enjoy your favourite games together.

So, all set to have a blast? Happy holidays!

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