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Fun with Learning: The New Normal for Child Development

The current pandemic has brought in huge changes in the mode of education and learning. Schools have been compelled to go online and children are missing the very environment that motivates them to learn. It is difficult for children to focus on their classes from home. Children, especially the pre-schoolers, often relate home to playing, and school to learning. It is not easy for them to comprehend that home is the new school in this new normal, and learning would only happen online, sitting in front of a computer.

Also, online sessions and the restrictions on socializing have increased their screen time immensely. Children are spending a major part of their day in front of the computer or the television, as they are not being able to go to school. All these put together have made life difficult for the parents. They are left scratching their heads to find a solution that would reduce their children’s screen time and help them focus on learning instead.

We understand very well that teaching is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Each child is unique. However, what is common is the fact that all of them love to have fun. So, if parents can come up with some activities that interest the kids, they would pick up the lessons easily and also enjoy exploring new avenues of learning. Fun learning also reinforces a parent-child bond and induces a love for learning in children.

Here are a few fun activities you can take up at home with your children. This would make learning very much enjoyable for them.

  1. Colour scavenger hunt:
    Take a white paper bag and scribble small squares of different colours each on it. Let your little one go around the house and collect things of those colours in the bag. This is a fun way for the child to learn to identify colours.
  2. Sight word fun:
    Identify a word in a chapter of a book or a newspaper article. Start searching for the same word in the chapter or the article along with your child. Whoever finds the maximum number of the same would be the winner.
  3. Reading hacks:
    Just grab a book and start reading it to your children. They love to hear your voice and listen to the stories being read out, as they snuggle up. Make them look at the pictures too. This would help them use their imagination and also inculcate a love for learning.
  4. Make letter roads:
    Most of the children love to play with toy cars. Create roads for the toy cars using alphabets. This makes them learn the alphabets easily. In fact, you can use this activity to make them learn to write their names too.
  5. Learning shapes with coloured popsicle sticks:
    Colour popsicle sticks with different shades along with your children and use them to create different shapes. For example, use the red ones to create squares, yellow ones for a pentagon and so on. They would end up learning about both colours and shapes at one go, you see!

These few simple yet fun games are surely going to help your children learn their alphabets, shapes, colours better. Play with them and have fun!

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