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GGIS celebrates Achievers Day

Build a strong foundation and you can reach even the most unthinkable heights. GG International School started with a simple principle of Swatmanam Both. Following Gandhian Principles it nurtures its children towards great height. GG International School celebrated its 15th Foundation Day. 15 years of hard work, perseverance and achievements. As part of its Foundation Day GG International School also celebrated its Achievers Day.

Nelson Mandela had once said, remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead. GGIS celebrated yet another milestone. The Achievers Day. A Day to Celebrate the Stars.

GGIS believes in celebrating all its achievements. Because behind any achievement there is a tremendous amount of hard work that the students have put in.

The program began on an auspicious note with the lighting of the lamp which was accompanied by a saraswati vandana.

The guest for the day was Mr Vishwakant Laksminarayan. With him was the Chief Mentor of GG International School, Ms Sonu Gupta, her son Shllok Gupta and the Director of GGIS Ms Bharti Bhagwani.

The felicitation ceremony began by felicitating the achievers of class 10 and 12 who scored magnificent marks in the board examinations. The students were commemorated for their hard work and dedication. This was soon followed by the announcement of the Kaladeep Scholarship by Shllok Gupta, son of Mr Arun Gupta, the visionary behind the Kaladeep Scholarship. This scholarship is bestowed to 4 deserving students who scored wonderful marks in the board examinations.

The audience also got to witness the beautiful dances of garba and bihu performed by the dancers of GGIS. The audience were mesmerized by the grace and beauty with which these dances were performed.

The felicitation continued by lauding the scribes. Students from our school stepped forward and decided to reach out to the students by becoming their scribes. They assisted them in their board exams, helping them step a little closer to achieving their goals. These students showed great initiative and goodwill. They deserve to be acknowledged for their exemplary actions.

The felicitation could not have been complete without the felicitation of the teachers. Your teacher will constantly push you, challenge you to do better, to be better because they know that you have it in you. So, when we celebrate these achievers, let’s not forget the hands that have worked with them, the light that guided them. The teacher achievers were called on stage with a resounding cheer from the students sitting in the audience.

The program then reached its final stretch where a skit was shown from an episode of life from the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj throwing some light on one of the heroic traits. The Director of GG International School Ms. Bharti Bhagwani addressed the audience as she spoke about the true definition of an achiever.

The audience was also addressed by the Guest of Honour, Mr Vishwakant Laxinarayan Upadhyay, who spoke to the students and parents about the importance of taking care of one’s health and body. His words truly inspired the students and parents alike.

No celebration is complete without music. The audience received a musical treat from the school band who performed a song on celebration and success.

The celebration was concluded with a warm vote of thanks given by the head girl, Devika Chandran. Beautiful day ended with the auditorium singing the National Anthem together.

-Devika Chandran

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