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Importance of physical education

“Mens sana in corpore sano”…goes the Latin phrase, which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” We are all aware how important it is to remain physically fit to ensure our overall wellbeing. The earlier we start to take care of our body, the better it is. Here is where physical education (PE) comes into picture. It provides the passport to children to remain fit right from the beginning.

In a world that puts much more importance on academics, the most common question that can arise is why should the schools include physical education in their curriculum at all. As Joseph Addison, the famous English essayist and poet, once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” A curriculum that includes regular physical activity always makes sure all-round development of children.

In fact, physical education is much more than casual playing or running around a track. It involves age-appropriate activities that suit growing bodies and minds. It pushes children, but does not overwhelm them beyond their capabilities.

The benefits of physical education are physical, psychological, social and much more. Let us list out a few major ones for your understanding.

Physical education helps children to have

  1. Improved motor skills.
  2. Good muscle strength and bone density.
  3. Reduced likelihood of developing chronic disease.
  4. Reduced chances of obesity.
  5. Better brain development.
  6. Excellent emotional health.
  7. Discipline.
  8. Understanding of team work and cooperation.
  9. Sense of responsibility towards self and others.
  10. Leadership qualities.
  11. Improved self-esteem.
  12. Acceptance of failure and constructive criticism.

No wonder the benefits carry over from the playing ground or gymnasium to the classroom. Research has shown that children taking part in physical education stay more disciplined and focused in classroom. It also offers them the opportunity to release pent up energy, relax and have fun with peers.

We, at GG International School, put immense emphasis on physical education. One of the main pillars of the #NewEducation we promote is GGIS Sports Excellence Center. We impart Sports Education that not only nourishes our children’s body and mind, but also encourages them to take up sports as a career option, if they are passionate about it. For us, PE is not simply Physical Education, but Power Education that empowers our children to win their way to future.

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