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It’s time we gave them wings


It’s time we gave them wings…
- Authored by Sonu Gupta, Chief Mentor, GG Int. School
As parents, teachers and educators, we often tend to let our fears reign over us which results in making us either too cautious or overprotective.
Our job as parents and educators is to not only to protect them but also to prepare them, encourage them and guide them towards making responsible choices with a some freedom.
By giving them the freedom to think, decide and explore we help them experiment, and experience. We let them make choices which in turn facilitate their cognitive development, along with honing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It not only boosts their confidence, but also expands their knowledge, helps them identify their needs, build on their social skills and also look for alternatives.

Which let me tell you are some of the most critical skills for a millennial child to acquire and use!
Let your child experiment, experience and make mistakes.
Learning from mistakes and errors is an important part of child and adolescent development. Most adults understand this concept. Yet, we have failed to teach our children that there is a positive side to getting things wrong.

We should be ready to see them fall before they start to walk.

As Nelson Mandela puts it “The greatest glory in living lies not in ever falling but in rising every time we fall”

School education is the time for experimenting and chartering through new waters, these days that are spent by each child exploring and experimenting, are roots to happiness and contentment in the future.
When the school/parent/ educators gives them the chance to decide they learn to negotiate, debate, communicate and also take responsibility.

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist, expert in children’s motivation and behaviour, taught her twin sons decision-making at the age of 7 years.

Instead of being the sugar police for her children, she decided to give them the freedom to choose and decide the amount of sugar the children wanted to intake.  She wanted them to limit their sugar intake based on the feedback they got from their own bodies, rather than fear of breaking one of “Mom’s rules.”

This experiment not only helped the children make responsible choices but when they grew older and were exposed to dangerous substances like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, the kids were able to use their experience, feelings and awareness of body to make the right decision.

Saying NO to things simply because one’s parents don’t agree to its usage as compared to saying NO because you know how will your body react to the unhealthy choices has a better impact and a stronger decision is made.

The key to helping my children learn how to make healthy decisions was teaching them how to do so , beginning well before they were adolescents. As a parent I would give them the freedom to choose the menu for their tiffin, choose clothes while going out and deciding what to eat and when.

We as parents and educators should be willing to share, inform, be inclusive (give them equal opportunity), take their opinions seriously and also give them a feedback. Participation and freedom is more than just sharing, it is the responsibility of the adult to give their suggestions and ideas a real face.

Freedom and discussion are exercises which are mutually beneficial for both communities. Children turn into confident decision makers and adults get a taste of their world – needs, concerns and ideas. So it’s time we…

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Yes my dear parents and educators, it’s time we let them spread their wings and fly because the sky is not the limit! It’s just the beginning to a brand new horizon.

Swatmanan Bodh!

Talk, Connect, Bond - your child can be your frien...

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