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This pandemic has surely turned our world upside down. Our routines have gone haywire and all our plans have been put on hold; forcing us to be stuck within the four walls of our homes. The uncertainty and the anxiety playing on the adult minds has adversely affected the children too. In the past few months, there have been several incidents of preschoolers and kindergarten children going into shells, getting paranoid about playing within their homes, not eating and what not! 

Children may not be able to comprehend the entire scenario, but they do sense the anxiety around. Things are a bit tougher now with the lock-unlock phase in place. It’s essential that we are a bit more careful about precautions to avoid contamination, and explain our children why we are doing the things we are doing. For them, it might appear like the parents are trying to punish them by keeping them indoors, even though they themselves are going to work.

We, as parents, have a huge role to play in boosting their morale. You also need to assure them of their own safety. Share the basic information and answer their queries in the best possible way. Make sure that they understand that there is nothing to fear if they take the precautions they are expected to. It is also imperative to make them realize how important maintaining the safety measures is. 

A few things that we can do to keep negativity at bay:

  • Set a routine for your children - This works the best if they are already enrolled into a school. The school would have online classes, which would keep them busy for a few hours. The activities assigned for the day would take up a few more hours too. The interaction and the activities would ensure that your children are kept distracted from the pandemic scenario for quite a few hours in a day.
  • Keep your children busy in interesting activities - Let them learn new things every day. They would surely enjoy learning things like cooking, gardening, painting.
  • Let them watch movies or television shows with positive messages.
  • Involve them in a few household chores.
  • Organize fun activities like playing board games, having story enactment sessions etc. with them.

As parents and guardians, it is our duty to keep our children in a positive frame of mind amidst all the negativity around. The situation is scary indeed, but we all need to continue to lead our lives as normally as possible and so do they. They are rather one of the most vulnerable sections of the society because of their age and lack of maturity. Let us maintain positivity ourselves and keep them busy with activities that would motivate them.

It’s time we gave them wings