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Parenting Session On Inculcating The Right Eating Habits In a Child


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Parenting Session On Inculcating The Right Eating Habits In a Child

Date: 31st August 2019

Venue: Assembly Hall, GG International School

Audience: Parents Of Primary School Children

Speaker: Ms. Sonu Gupta, Chief Mentor, GG International School, Leading Educator, Certified Nutritionist, Managing Trustee Goel Ganga Foundation

On 31st August 2019, the Assembly Area of GG International School, Pimpri buzzed with curious parents and enthusiastic grandparents, as they gathered for listening to leading educator, certified nutrionist and the managing trustee of Goel Ganga Foundation – Ms Son Gupta, who has been the driving force behind the 12 years old institution G.G. International School. With 4 preschool centres attached to the school, Ms. Sonu Gupta has helped many parents, teachers, educators and principals in giving each child the right beginning not to forget a happy one. She has conducted many sessions on leadership, nutrition and importance of thinking right and making correct choices for different age groups.

The morning of 31st August witnessed her addressing an audience of more than 200 parents who enthusiastically listened to her, as she demystified some myths, uncovered some secrets and shared some guidelines for introducing each child in primary school education to good and healthy eating habits.

The session began by an animated video of food’s journey through the human body which gave the audience an insight into the process and the importance of chewing food. Ms. Gupta took the session forward by talking about the indicators that reflect whether a child is eating the right kind of food or not. She explained how food not only affects the body but the naptime, mood, behaviour and the play time of a child.

In the second half of the session, Ms. Gupta explained the Food Pyramid with different food groups and the daily serving needed for a child of age group 6-12 years. Further she explored many options that can help a parent in giving his/her child the right food and develop good food habits.

“I feel the best way to eat right is to become a good example for your kids and rely on locally grown food. Fancy packets and stores food cannot be counted upon. Spending quality family time and relishing a meal goes a long way in making a child healthy and fit” stated Ms. Sonu Gupta.

She ended her interactive session, with the motto

“Eat Right, Think Right and Pack Right”

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