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The current pandemic has brought the schools home for all the students. Whether a child is a preschooler or in high school, he/she is attending school from home these days. Since home is not the usual setting, children are not used to these e-learning sessions, it is a bit challenging for them to stay motivated for long. Whether they are attending classes or doing home assignments or preparing for online tests, it becomes very difficult for them to stay focused.

Here are a few tips for both the parents and the children to overcome this predicament

  • The first step lies mostly with the parents. You need to create the perfect environment for studying. Allocate an area where your children are least likely to get distracted. Make sure they keep mobile phones or game consoles away, as those are the major deterrents for concentration.
  • Staying organized is the next step. Work out a planner if your child is young. Older children should use an academic planner and stick to that on their own.
  • Time management is another key factor while studying at home. Again, for older children, they need to manage time on their own. For younger ones, parents need to pitch in and develop the habit in them. Please ensure that your children have enough time for extra-curricular activities and exercise too.
  • Interaction with peers and teachers during online classes and also outside class hours can be of great help. These are the perfect ways and means to clear doubts, collaborate on various projects and help in sharing thoughts.
  • Parents need to keep an eye on their children and ensure that they take breaks in between. Ideally, a child should take a break of 15 mins after every hour of study. This keeps the mind fresh enough to imbibe more. Breaks should involve taking walks, listening to music, chatting with friends or may be a nap. No way the break should see the child engaging in watching television or playing games in the mobile phone. Such activities would work as distractions and actually be counter- productive.
  • Positive reinforcement always keeps people motivated. If your children are young, reward them with their favourite snack or some small gesture for staying focused to their studies. This works well for older children too.

The relaxed environment at home sometimes makes it difficult for the children to focus and study effectively. However, these simple measures can help them stay motivated and do well in the long run.