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Talk, Connect, Bond - your child can be your friend


Authored by Sonu Arun Gupta, Managing Director, GG International School

As an educator and mother I have often been bombarded with queries by anxious parents, mostly complaining about the communication gap they experience with their child/children.

Work, travel, home, social obligations I know eat up most of our time, therefore I believe as millennial parents all of us need to customise the time we spend with our children. By customisation of time, here I mean understanding a child’s mood and basis on which choose - conversation or activity.

Activities are an extremely effective way to lead into a meaningful communication. Spend time with your child doing activities they enjoy, it is also a way to get closer to them and be a part of their inner self. While we get involved with them it’s easier to convey any message to them.

Most of us yearn for a stronger-parent child bond, but we often fall short of ways of how to go about strengthening it, conversations I feel are the most important. As a mother of 2 teenagers and as an educator who deals with children of all age groups on a daily basis, here’s secret pay attention to - What is not being said !90% of communication in the world around us takes place non-verbally. Therefore, when a child talks to you, his or her facial expressions, body language expresses much more than what is being said verbally. It becomes easier to understand the complexity of emotions a child is going through if we focus on their body language and be able to interpret other nonverbal forms of communication.

As parents we should be prepared to face all kinds of responses we get from our children- not just nice and cute ones, but also anger, embarrassment, sadness or fear. Our reaction to all of their emotions needs to be balanced.

ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY TO BEING A BUDDY PARENT! We are open to accepting the good and bad habits of our friends but we expect our children to have only good habits. Why?

While I talk about being prepared and ready to listen we should not forget that EACH CHILD IS AN INDIVIDUAL. It is essential that we deal with each child as per their needs and personality.

While some children are able to communicate with ease and pull our attention towards them, there are many who are unable to do so, this hesitation does not necessarily come out of hesitation or fear but can just be a personality trait. A quiet child might need a lot of encouragement and personal time to get him or her talking, while the extrovert child will be able seek your attention with ease. Therefore it is necessary to customise your behaviour towards them as per their needs and personality traits.

At the end we should always remember that each child yearns for that parent they can talk to, irrespective of their inherent nature. Therefore as a parent whenever a child steps up to you for a conversation, else, IT MEANS TO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN!

The most important key to building a bond with your child is to be AVAILABLE.

It’s time we gave them wings
We are Indians, firstly and lastly

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