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The Inter Class Western & Indian Singing Competition which was held on 5th March, 2018

​Music – Oxford Dictionary defines music as the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form harmony & expression of emotions.
Similarly a student is a combination of knowledge & happiness. So GG International School hosted a Interclass Western & Indian Singing Competition to begin the new academic session on a musical note. It is events like these that bring about happiness, harmony & merriment to a student; eases their anxiety for the new academic session & who can deny, music is medicine.
The Interclass Western & Indian Singing Competition was held on March 4th,2018. Students from class VI to X participated with full zeal. They sang carols curetted by renowned choir master Mr. Diyar Antiya.. The judge was veteran mountaineer Ms Nalini Sengupta. Ms Sengupta is the Principal of Vidya Valley School and is an erudite not only in the field of academics but also in the field of music. Her presences added a melody to the programme.
The students sang 10 songs in the Western Singing Category; the IX Grade Students won the Ist prize for the carol Falling In Love & Top Of The World & the Senior Choir won the Ist prize for the carol Angelo & Never In Love.
For the Indian Singing Competition the students performed on 3 songs which were all based on Ragas – Rag Kalawati, Rag Yaman & Rag Abir-Bherav. The IX Grader Students again bagged the Ist prize for their song Albela Sajan Aayo Re based on the Rag Abir-Bherav.
The programme ended with happy faces & refreshed minds getting ready to bat on the pitches of new academic session. Ms Nalini Sengupta left a heartfelt message wherein she mentioned her thanks for a lovely start to the day...

Mrs Jheel Naik

GGIS Report on seminar by Dr. N. Ravichandran

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