K0 activities

Dear Parents

Greetings from GG International School

A child is the happiest when involved creatively and productively. At GGIS Atha our endeavour is to ensure that each child gets the best even when they are at home. Here are list of few activities that can be done at home:
  • Maintain routine – sleep and wake time should be the same.
  • Work on fine motor skills – activities to engage their small muscles – fingers, toes etc. Parents are expected to take reference from following activities and conduct them under their supervision:
    • Sorting out vegetable with mum
    • Filling the bucket using a mug
    • Sorting out different types of grains from a mixed bowl of grains
    • Tearing old newspapers and crumpling it
    • Sorting out different colur buttons from a mixed bowl
    • Using play dough or wheat flour dough to create
    • Colouring worksheets with big pictures (samples attached)
    • Training them to button their shirt, zip their pants, fold their handkerchief
    • Screwing and unscrewing of caps of bottles.
    • Putting out clothes on laundry line with parent and attaching cloth clips(pegs)
  • 15 minutes of reading time with parent – picture book, story book can be used.
  • Once a day conduct Object Talk with children by discussing an attractive picture in any magazine/primary plus/newspaper, talking about their friends or any favourite object they have at home etc.
  • The above activities have been shared to ensure each child is actively engaged in skill enhancement activities.

Parents are requested to please check the Wyze App on a daily basis for regular updates on activities that will ensure that each child is academically a brace once the school reopens.
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