1. Where is GGIS ATHA: located?

Click the branch name to know the location of school : (1) Atha: Chinchwad (2) Atha: Rahatani (3) Atha: Bavdhan 

2. Is GGIS Atha; open round the year?
3. How do I register my child?
4. What are the discipline procedures at the center?
5. What time does the center open and close?
6. What is the staff-Child Ratio for this center?
7. What about food and what time it will be provided?
8. Will my child be able to take nap?
9. If my child does not nap, what will he or she do during the rest time?
10. Can my child bring toys from home?
11. My family likes to take the entire summer off each year; can I withdraw my child for 2 months and then resume care once I require it again?


1. What are the school timings?

Morning shift – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Afternoon Shift - 11:00 am to 3.00 pm.

2. Is Day Board Schooling option available?
3. What is the school academic curriculum?
4. Does the school follow CBSE Curriculum?
5. How will a toddler spend his four hours in school?
6. What is the student to teacher ratio?
7. How is the teaching faculty selected?
8. What are the co-curricular activities offered?
9. Does the school have adequate medical facilities?
10. What are the Annual School Charges? What does it include?
11. Which areas are covered by School Transport?
12. Are your buses GPS enabled?
13. Why is the canteen facility compulsory for the student?
14. What is the age requirement for admission? Is any relaxation possible?
15. I am currently overseas. Can the admission process be done online?
16. Why should we select your school for our child?
17. What are the focus areas of this School?
18. What are the methods of teaching adopted?
19. What is the vacation period?
20. How often is the parent teacher meeting conducted?
21. How does the parent communicate with the school teacher?
22. What sort of parent involvement does the school expect?
23. Does the school give homework?
24. Are there any examinations conducted at the end of the year?
25. How will the school evaluate students?
26. Will spoken English be encouraged in the school?
27. Will the school celebrate all the festivals?
28. What is the advantage of GG international School over the only pre-school?
29. How can a Parent reach the teacher?
30. My child is very introvert… how can you help him/her to change that?
31. What security measures are taken up by the school?